How to use getattr in Python

This article explains how to use getattr in Python.

getattr returns the value of the named attribute of object. name must be a string. If the named attribute does not exist, default is returned if provided, otherwise AttributeError is raised

getattr() Syntax

getattr(object, name[, default])

Lets understand getattr with below example
Create a Class with name Student

class Student:
    def __init__(self, name, grade, age): = name
        self.grade = grade
        self.age = age

    def check_eligibility(self):
        if self.age > 8:
            msg = f"{} eligible for {self.grade}"
            msg = f"{} not eligible for {self.grade}"
        return msg

Create instance of Student class
student1 = Student("xyz", "6th", 7)
Get instance attributes with getattr
print(getattr(student1, "name"))

print(getattr(student1, "check_eligibility")())
# output

xyz not eligible for 6th

As shown in abobe code snippet getattr(student1, "name") is getting value of name attribute and getattr(student1, "check_eligibility")() is calling the method check_eligibility

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