How to install latest anaconda on Windows 10

This post explains how to install latest anaconda version on Windows 10. Follow below steps to install latest anaconda distribution.

Download Anaconda

  • Navigate to and download Anaconda executable.
  • anaconda download

    Install Anaconda

  • Double click on downloaded file and in the set up window click on Next.
  • anaconda-installation

  • In the License Agreement window click on I Agree.
  • anaconda-installation

  • In the Installation Type window select Just Me and click on Next.
  • anaconda-installation

  • In the Install Location window click on Next.
  • anaconda-installation

  • In the Advanced Installation Options window keep the default option checked and click on Install.
  • anaconda-installation

  • Wait for installation to complete and click on Next and than click on Finish.
  • anaconda-installation


    Verify Anaconda Installation

  • Open the Anaconda Prompt from the window search.
  • anaconda-installation

  • In the Anaconda Prompt type conda --version and you should see anaconda distribution version in the output.
  • verify-anaconda-installation

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