How to create composite index in Datastore | GCP

Cloud Datastore is a highly-scalable NoSQL database for web and mobile applications. For writing complex queries in Datastore composite indexes are required. Follow this tutorial for creating composite indexes with cloud shell.

This tutorial assumes you have below kind and properties already available in Datastore

  • A kind with the name of post
  • In kind post, entities with property name url, title, date-posted.
  • Login to Google Cloud Console

    Click Activate Cloud Shell to open Cloud Shell.

    Create a file index.yaml

    nano index.yaml

    For creating composite index on all three properties, write below code in index.yaml

    - kind: post
      ancestor: no
      - name: url
      - name: title
      - name: date-posted

    Create composite index with gcloud

    gcloud datastore indexes create index.yaml

    Above command will ask for confirmation , check listed configurations and confirm, successful execution should display created index in Indexes section of Datastore UI.

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